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Life of the Recruiter #EpisodeThree

By Recruitment

As recruiters spend a majority of time searching for candidates, I thought I would share how this looks, and the steps I take.

LinkedIn Recruiter – a great benefit is that the candidate can’t see that I’m stalking them. Select the candidates I’d like to contact, but first…

Facebook – Get a good understanding of college life, follow relationships, take some wedding pointers from their album and maybe even shed a tear at the birth of their first child. At this stage, I start to feel really connected. Next…

Twitter – Take a quick look at who they follow and retweet. Get a sense of their interests. At this stage, I’m feeling quite comfortable that I know my candidate really well, but just to be sure…

Instagram – My heart melts! baby pics, a new house, new car, awesome holidays. I just know that I will love this candidate.

I send an inmail, wait a little while, and then decide to make the bold move of switching over the standard LinkedIn, and viewing their profile. Yup, I’m now visible for all to see. We start a conversation and then arrange to meet for coffee.

I begin by asking how his daughter is finding pre-school, enquire if his mom has recovered from her knee op, and how his wife’s pregnancy is going. The candidate looks at me with pure fear in his eyes… says he needs the loo, and never returns.


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Live your purpose

By Recruitment

Do I love recruitment? NO. Absolutely not. I hate being treated badly. I hate that people don’t see my value. I hate being lied to. I hate our payment terms. I hate the ugliness in our industry.

So why do I do it?

I have a burning desire to help people. I have the sense that I can make a difference in someone’s life. I want to be part of something that doesn’t just involve me.

Being retrenched is scary as hell and I want to be that person to guide you and walk the journey with you.

Being badly treated and unhappy at your work can cause major depression and leaving can seem like a frightening option. I want to be that person that gives you strength to see the light, the courage to go meet great companies and the guidance that you need to resign and walk away.

Having worked your time with a company, I want to be the person that can show you the market, introduce the right companies to you and make the experience of choosing your next employer an adventure.

It’s taken years for me to understand why I am in recruitment and just why my company’s name is Nu Beginnings. Yea, it’s a new job. But it’s more than that. Anyone who has changed jobs, moving from a destructive environment to one where you flourish will understand that this beginning is a change of everything. A new you, new vision, new goals, new joy for life.

Do what you love.

Life is too short to be doing anything else.


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Life of the Recruiter #EpisodeTwo

By Recruitment

The recruiter is at offer stage with the candidate. The interview process has been smooth sailing. Client loves the candidate. Candidate loves the client. Every recruiter box possible has been ticked.

Counter-offer check
Salary breakdown
Salary expectations, triple confirmed
A strong reason for wanting to leave
Wife/husband agrees on the move
No criminal offense
References great
Social media stalk all clear
Always closing
As expected, the offer comes in and woohoo, the recruiter has paid child’s school fees, rent, groceries (in their head of course), ah maybe a little spa session for a treat. And then the amazing candidate drops THE BOMB. That’s R10K lower than what they expected (not what was discussed, but what was in the candidate’s head) because they totally forgot about the increase coming up, the 13th cheque (that’s never been paid or guaranteed) and currently underpaid.

Naturally, the recruiter does everything to save this. Not only for the money but because the recruiter believes this is a good match. Recruiter goes back to the client and receives backlash like no other. How dare you try and get more commission. Clearly, you’ve waited right until the end of the process to see just how much you can get out of the client….. NOT! There are just no ways of saving this. The candidate is adamant and won’t back down, the client has reached ceiling offer. The recruiter is blamed for wasting everyone’s time.

Recruiter sits back and starts googling free schooling.


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Life of the Recruiter #EpisodeOne

By Recruitment

I want to share my occupation with you. I’ve had the phone put down on me, I’ve been lied to, sworn at, backstabbed, ignored and worse, and this is all in my work capacity. You’d swear I was a real asshole, but truth is, I am just a recruiter.

I know we all have tough jobs and have to endure a lot, but after 13 years of recruitment, I am almost positive this is one of the toughest jobs you can fall into (because no-one chooses to be a recruiter).

The purpose of sharing these stories is in hope of changing your perspective of recruiters, maybe influencing you to be a little kinder, a little gentler and a little more tolerant.

Episode One is an overview of a recruiters day. I have always said from day 1, if you don’t have a little bi-polar in you, this job ain’t for you. The highs are HIGH, the lows are LOW and it happens 100 times a day.

A client sends you a new opening (HIGH), states he has sent it to 5 other recruiters (LOW), but isn’t getting anywhere can we help (OK). We actually have some perfect candidates for the role (HIGH), make contact with all candidates to get no response (LOW), oh wait Timmy replied, he is interested (HIGH) but can’t interview in the next 3 weeks as he is working on a project (LOW) but Johnny replied he is available immediately (HIGH) cause he just got fired (LOW), luckily Sarah replied to our email and is open to chat (HIGH) but would like a 50000% increase (LOW), and the phone rings (YAY), it’s the client, position has been put on hold (LLLLLOOOOOWWWWW).

(That’s 1 hour).


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Sorry for the silence

By Recruitment

I’ve been quiet which is very unlike me but 2018 has proven to be the year of CHANGE. Not always comfortable, safe or pleasant, yet finally seeing the rainbow and it’s looking gorgeous.

I must be honest, this year I was really considering ditching the idea of being self-employed. The stress, the changes, did I mention the stress which can be unbearable, heart-breaking a lot of the time, however 13 years of recruitment, talking to my clients, meeting my candidates, made me realize just how much I am invested in Nu Beginnings and how much I love what I do. (and that working for a boss after so many years probably isn’t the easiest idea to swallow ;))

Nu Beginnings has gone through some radical changes this year, but the most exciting is partnering with brilliant entrepreneur-minded recruitment leaders. Nu Beginnings doesn’t have employees – we have partners. It’s a new business model for our industry, and still in early stages, but will certainly write all about the new structure, the successes, failures, and lessons. Maybe more great recruiters will have the opportunity to be working from home, shared offices, on their own time, having true balance looking after their family, using their own skill instead of being dictated by numbers, stats, targets and forced spam (which I believe is the evil in the industry).

Here’s to 2018. Improved living. Less stress. Balanced lives. Great partnerships!

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8 lessons learnt, from my first 8 years

By Recruitment

You can do business with family. With respect, trust and boundaries, there is absolutely no need why you couldn’t involve family.I’ve been extremely fortunate to have my parents involved managing the businesses finance, who better to trust?

The size of your team does not equate to the success of your business.Not everyone was born to manage, in fact, managing could be the hardest job in the world. Make sure you know why you starting your business and what your role will be.

There is power in having a business mentor. It is a very lonely journey as an entrepreneur, and sometimes just sharing your company views, your personal fears and future goals with someone who has no benefit of your success other than being genuinely happy for you is empowering.

No-one will love your business as much as you do and you can’t expect anyone to.

Cash is king. Don’t get distracted by pretty offices and unnecessary overheads. Keep those costs down.

You are never invincible. What goes up, must come down. I remember having a couple of really good years and then 2017 happened. You are never too good to be schooled over and over again.

You will want to quit a few times, and that is normal, apparently. No-one can prepare for how tough this journey is, so be gentle with yourself.

Be you. You can easily get caught up in the distraction of your competitors, wasting time comparing and trying to compete. The magic lies in your individuality.

And here’s to the next 8 years.

Love Sam


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