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When a developer needs to write a blog for recruiters on how to do their job you know something is fatally wrong. Ewald Horn wrote a rather good article to assist the not-so-good recruiters. However, it’s been bugging the living daylight out of me that this isn’t common sense.

There is no magic trick to recruiting. You can X-ray search the hell out of candidates and be the best boolean sourcerer (if that’s even the correct technical term) there is – but this is the gist…

  1. Stop spamming! I don’t know how many more times someone must tell you IT DOES NOT WORK!
  2. Personalize your damn message. Every single one. If you’re too lazy to do that, go find yourself another job.
  3. Do not phone a developer. I don’t care who you are, no-one likes to receive a cold call especially when they are at work, or working, or not working. Don’t call.
  4. Get to the frikkin point. Who are you recruiting for? What are you recruiting? How much are you offering? Why should I work for them? And stop being threatened if the developer will contact the company directly. I’ve been giving company names for years and not once has anyone contacted the company directly.
  5. Know what you are recruiting and who you are recruiting for.
  6. BE AUTHENTIC. How you chat to friends and colleagues, is how you speak to a developer. I find it helps when you enjoy what you do, if not, you do sound extremely fake and “salesy”.

Honestly, I can’t stress enough that this isn’t rocket science. It’s either your personality or not. Come on recruiters, do better.