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You can do business with family. With respect, trust and boundaries, there is absolutely no need why you couldn’t involve family.I’ve been extremely fortunate to have my parents involved managing the businesses finance, who better to trust?

The size of your team does not equate to the success of your business.Not everyone was born to manage, in fact, managing could be the hardest job in the world. Make sure you know why you starting your business and what your role will be.

There is power in having a business mentor. It is a very lonely journey as an entrepreneur, and sometimes just sharing your company views, your personal fears and future goals with someone who has no benefit of your success other than being genuinely happy for you is empowering.

No-one will love your business as much as you do and you can’t expect anyone to.

Cash is king. Don’t get distracted by pretty offices and unnecessary overheads. Keep those costs down.

You are never invincible. What goes up, must come down. I remember having a couple of really good years and then 2017 happened. You are never too good to be schooled over and over again.

You will want to quit a few times, and that is normal, apparently. No-one can prepare for how tough this journey is, so be gentle with yourself.

Be you. You can easily get caught up in the distraction of your competitors, wasting time comparing and trying to compete. The magic lies in your individuality.

And here’s to the next 8 years.

Love Sam


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