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I want to share my occupation with you. I’ve had the phone put down on me, I’ve been lied to, sworn at, backstabbed, ignored and worse, and this is all in my work capacity. You’d swear I was a real asshole, but truth is, I am just a recruiter.

I know we all have tough jobs and have to endure a lot, but after 13 years of recruitment, I am almost positive this is one of the toughest jobs you can fall into (because no-one chooses to be a recruiter).

The purpose of sharing these stories is in hope of changing your perspective of recruiters, maybe influencing you to be a little kinder, a little gentler and a little more tolerant.

Episode One is an overview of a recruiters day. I have always said from day 1, if you don’t have a little bi-polar in you, this job ain’t for you. The highs are HIGH, the lows are LOW and it happens 100 times a day.

A client sends you a new opening (HIGH), states he has sent it to 5 other recruiters (LOW), but isn’t getting anywhere can we help (OK). We actually have some perfect candidates for the role (HIGH), make contact with all candidates to get no response (LOW), oh wait Timmy replied, he is interested (HIGH) but can’t interview in the next 3 weeks as he is working on a project (LOW) but Johnny replied he is available immediately (HIGH) cause he just got fired (LOW), luckily Sarah replied to our email and is open to chat (HIGH) but would like a 50000% increase (LOW), and the phone rings (YAY), it’s the client, position has been put on hold (LLLLLOOOOOWWWWW).

(That’s 1 hour).


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