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The recruiter is at offer stage with the candidate. The interview process has been smooth sailing. Client loves the candidate. Candidate loves the client. Every recruiter box possible has been ticked.

Counter-offer check
Salary breakdown
Salary expectations, triple confirmed
A strong reason for wanting to leave
Wife/husband agrees on the move
No criminal offense
References great
Social media stalk all clear
Always closing
As expected, the offer comes in and woohoo, the recruiter has paid child’s school fees, rent, groceries (in their head of course), ah maybe a little spa session for a treat. And then the amazing candidate drops THE BOMB. That’s R10K lower than what they expected (not what was discussed, but what was in the candidate’s head) because they totally forgot about the increase coming up, the 13th cheque (that’s never been paid or guaranteed) and currently underpaid.

Naturally, the recruiter does everything to save this. Not only for the money but because the recruiter believes this is a good match. Recruiter goes back to the client and receives backlash like no other. How dare you try and get more commission. Clearly, you’ve waited right until the end of the process to see just how much you can get out of the client….. NOT! There are just no ways of saving this. The candidate is adamant and won’t back down, the client has reached ceiling offer. The recruiter is blamed for wasting everyone’s time.

Recruiter sits back and starts googling free schooling.


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