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I’ve been quiet which is very unlike me but 2018 has proven to be the year of CHANGE. Not always comfortable, safe or pleasant, yet finally seeing the rainbow and it’s looking gorgeous.

I must be honest, this year I was really considering ditching the idea of being self-employed. The stress, the changes, did I mention the stress which can be unbearable, heart-breaking a lot of the time, however 13 years of recruitment, talking to my clients, meeting my candidates, made me realize just how much I am invested in Nu Beginnings and how much I love what I do. (and that working for a boss after so many years probably isn’t the easiest idea to swallow ;))

Nu Beginnings has gone through some radical changes this year, but the most exciting is partnering with brilliant entrepreneur-minded recruitment leaders. Nu Beginnings doesn’t have employees – we have partners. It’s a new business model for our industry, and still in early stages, but will certainly write all about the new structure, the successes, failures, and lessons. Maybe more great recruiters will have the opportunity to be working from home, shared offices, on their own time, having true balance looking after their family, using their own skill instead of being dictated by numbers, stats, targets and forced spam (which I believe is the evil in the industry).

Here’s to 2018. Improved living. Less stress. Balanced lives. Great partnerships!

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