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For the human race to have evolved to a place where we sending cars into space, you would think we would have made applying for work easier. Job hunting is degrading, energy-sucking, repetitive and soul-destroying. (To say the least).

The process goes along the lines of registering with portal number 1, fill out a million questions, upload a CV and repeat on portal 2, 3, and 4. Then update your LinkedIn profile, contact a few recruiters who are going to tell you that you’ll be put on the database until something comes up and then it’s your time to start applying. Not only do you get 1 response to every 50 applications, but the response is also automated with an “if you don’t hear from us in 2 weeks, you have been declined”.

How wrong is this!?!

The fact of the matter is, the majority of the time when you are looking for work, you are either unemployed, about to be unemployed or grossly unhappy. Your situation is dire and you just need some feedback.

Truth is, we know the process is flawed.

I have no excuse for companies, and in my opinion, they should be investing more money in a recruitment division or partnering with Nu Beginnings (because I am biased of course) in assisting with taking time to respond, give feedback, and guide where possible. Automated responses are no longer acceptable. (And don’t tell me you get 100 responses and have no time for it. Employ a few of those unemployed candidates to manage it.)

As for the portals. Honestly, we are in the 21st century. Upload CV, automate the process and make it quick. We all know Career Junction and PNET are one, why not have 1 process?

Back to the recruiters. I can only speak for Nu Beginnings. I push my team to always give honest feedback but I won’t lie, the backlash can sometimes sting.

Truth is:

  • Your CV doesn’t read well
  • You haven’t committed to any company, which does set alarm bells
  • You’re asking for too much money
  • Your skills are outdated
  • You haven’t kept yourself relevant to compete with younger possible employees

Hearing this sucks, but if you don’t hear it, how are you going to fix it?

Ask yourself what value do you add to your next possible employer?
What do you have that the next person doesn’t?

Can you read your CV? Does it make sense? Is the grammar correct? Does it sell you? If not, I can recommend – really great service.

We get asked daily if we can help with finding someone a job. Truth is, we can guide you, but we can’t make jobs. We can only work what openings we get in (and trust me we working on placing 100 people a month) but until we have your opportunity, take control. Work on your CV. Work on your sales pitch.

Yes, the process is flawed. But you don’t have to follow the process. Stand out. Do things differently. Know your worth.

And in the meantime, we are working on securing all these opportunities for you. Spread the word of Nu Beginnings Recruitment Specialist, we’d love to manage the recruitment process for all the great companies in Cape Town.

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