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“80% of your success will be determined by your communication skills”

As recruiters, we often get asked what skills are lacking or desired in the marketplace, and after expanding our markets into Finance, HR, Marketing, and Admin, we’ve realized the most important skill in any industry is Communication.

Has technology contributed to the decrease in the quality of our communication?
Has the lack of spiritual/religious teachings contributed towards the influx of lies, deceit and harmful words?

An insightful documentary to watch explaining why we lie, (Dis) Honesty: The Truth about Lies.
We surrounded by lies. Candidates expanding their salaries instead of voicing their honest opinion on why they feel they are worth a certain amount. Clients promising sign-off on a position, where in fact they just trying to have a backup plan. Recruiters expressing you are overqualified where the truth is you’ll be older than the owner and it’s not a good culture fit.

We lie because it’s easier. It doesn’t push us to have to communicate in a manner that we are understood and yet not offensive.
The lack of communication is a very popular method of showing just how poor our communication skills are. A simple no thank you, not the right time, sorry I’m busy or we don’t have the budget can work like magic.

Communicate with intention.
Communicate from a sincere place.
Invest in your communication skills, it could be the very skill that takes your career and life to the next level.

Candidate, Client